Terms & Conditions

Warranty Policy

You will recieve a 90 day warranty after repairs

This applies to hardware we purchased and used during repairs.

Warranty does not apply to software.

Warranty also applies to  faulty touch screens however they can't be damaged in any other way.

We do not take responsibilty for any data stored in customer's device. 

Warranty does not apply if customer has mounted other products to the device.

Warranty does not apply if customer has misused device after repairs.

Warranty does not apply to faulty products from manufacturer such as motherboard.

Fill in the return recipt, please specify what you're turning in. We have no responsibilty for unspecified returns.

We are not responsible for badly packaged devices. Further, we are unable to stock packages.

When buying services with over 30% discount, warranty will not provide a replacement device, rather the money will be refunded to customer. This applies only to repairs done by us, not any other purchases.

Warranty does not apply to components uninvolved in repairs.

Warranty does not apply if the device frame is crooked as it can break the new hardware.

For warranty to apply to a component e.g. frames and screens a new component must have been purchased by us, not repaired.

We recommend you applying a screen cover after the repair so that the phone is protected from future damages and the warranty will still apply if the screen is undamaged.