Questions and answers

Q: Do you have good prices?
A: We’ve adjusted the price for the market and maintained good quality on our products.

Q: How long does it take to repair a Iphone 5S?
A: It depends on the damage. It can take up to 2 days, if it has water damage. Otherwise it takes between 30 minutes to an hour when for example changing the screen, battery, charging dock or the rear.

Q: Are the Phone technicians experienced?
A: Yes, they’re educated and works daily with phones and computer repairs.

Q: How long does the repair stay under warranty?
A: The warranty is for 90 days on the parts that’ve been repaired.

Q: When does the warranty cover for phone service?
A: The warranty is only covered by the parts that’ve been repaired. And if that part is having any technical problem.

Q: Does the warranty cover if the screen is cracked after the phone has been repaired during these 90 days?
A: No, because this isn’t the same as insurance, the warranty is applied when there’s wrong with the products we replaced.

Q: Does pictures, videos, or other documents on the phone disappear when I repair my iPhone 6?
A: You should always keep a back up of your data on the unit. We’re not responsible if any lost data or accessories. (Even if it barely even happens). And this is for all phones.

Q: Can I trust you that my phone will be repaired and returned?
A: Yes you can trust us. Because this is our type of work and our responsibility to keep the customer pleased.

Q: How long does it take to fix a water damage on a phone?
A: Decontamination for phones usually takes at least 3-5 days. Because you have to deconstruct every part for the decontamination. And then reconstruct them again.

Q: Does I keep my data after the decontamination?
A: It depends for each phone. Some does work perfectly again, and some will not even work. And others will be unstable and not working properly.

Q: Can you save the phone incase it get any water damage?
A: You can not directly save the phone from the damage. But you can stop the phone from getting any further damages. By turning off the phone as fast as possible and not turning it on. And then removing the battery and then leaving the phone to us so we can decontaminate the phone. By doing this you’re increasing the odds for the phone to be able to work properly after.

Q: How fast is the express service for the phone?
A: If you’re first in line for the express service it takes usually around 20 – 60 minutes. Depending on the damage.

Q: How can I know if the phone will make it to you through the postal office? And is guaranteed that it will arrive safely?
A: The postal offices have a insurance if you send the package as “recommended package”. And if it manages to disappear you’ll receive the costs of it. But you should not have to worry, and we’ll inform you that we’ve received it as soon as the package arrives and confirm with you its content.

Q: Should I keep the SIM card in when I hand you the phone?
A: No, you should not keep the SD/SIM card in the phone. Also avoid sending charger and other components as we’re not responsible for them, only the phone.

Q: Why should give you my screen lock if you’re just going to repair the phone?
A: So we will be able to test that the screen and the phone is working 100% before we hand it over to you.

Q: Are the screens you use any good quality?
A: Yes, our screens are in a good quality and tested to be fully functional.

Q: Do you sell complete phones?
A: No, but we sell parts of phones as the ones we use to repair the phones with.

Q: I want to repair my iPhone, the screen is cracked. So I’m wondering if I can buy a screen from you?
A: Yes you can. Just tell us which iPhone you’re using (4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6s/7/7Plus/8/X) and which color you want. But be sure you know how to install the screen as they’re very sensitive.

Q: Can I buy spare parts for my Samsung S4? For example speakers and volume buttons?
A: Yes you can, but it might require professional work to replace them, so you need to be sure you know what you do.

Q: Does the phone get tested if it is working after the repair?
A: Yes, we test if everything works correctly or not. We even inspect the phone before the repair and after.