Delivery Information


If you want to post your device to us please contact us before you do so..

Please follow these steps in order to safely post your package:

First, grab the device and roll it with newspaper or bubble wrap. Then, tighten the encased device using tape to prevent it from unwrapping and put it in an appropriate shipping cardboard box.

Write all neccesary details such as your password on a note in the package so that we can more accurately test the device. A template can be found in the bottom of the page.

Additionally you may also personally visit us and watch as we fix the device.

NOTE: Do NOT package other utilities such as chargers, memory/SIM cards and make sure you have a backup of all data in the rare case we need to factory reset your device.


Once the device reaches us we’ll inform you and confirm the contents of the package.

You as customer are responsible for the condition of the device when shipping.

Namn: Said Mohamed Farran

Adress: Blomdahls v 13, 5TR
Postort: 75649


Remember to print and paste a label on the package before sending. A cheap and secure package alternative is “Brev skick lätt